In which Christmas comes in September.

Pictures are to come of all of the following items, but let me name off the fabulous, unsolicited gifts I received this weekend for no reason on Earth. Unless I've been extra good, or The Fiance's been extra bad and is trying to make up for it. The verdict is still out. Drumroll, please...

1) A Build-A-Bear. It's a snow leopard, which begs the question, "Why is it called a Build-A-Bear?" To which I have no answer. But his name is Hermie. And I love him. And don't mess with Hermie, the Build-A-Leopard.

2) A silver, fabulous clutch purse, from the (soon-to-be) grandma-in-law. She may be 67, but she's got style. And this purse is SO fantastic, I am without words.

3) GOLF CLUBS. Golf. Clubs. Two words (or maybe a few more): OHMYGOD I have golf clubs, do you KNOW what this MEANS? Well, it means I have to write an entirely new post on the subject matter because I spent two nights, $20 and 250 golf balls on the driving range, but whoa. Golf clubs. He's turning me over to the Dark Side.

Stay tuned. Photos and Krista's First Golf Lesson to come.