In other news.

The Sister and The Fiance have a website. Now, you have to know them to appreciate it, so, ha, suckers, I'm not giving you the link (unless I know you and you ask nicely), but I will give you a funny line.

This is from The Sister's "About Me" section. In two sentences, her 25 years of existence is summed up, and it made me laugh. Loudly. Sigh. Hee.

"(The Sister) likes ponies and buffalos and grilled cheese sandwiches. One day she hopes to have the poo from Dave Matthews' tour bus fall out of the sky and land on her car."

Also, in other news, I sliced my fingernail with a razor this morning. And it hurt because, well, it's my fingernail. And it's attached. And now it's sliced nearly halfway down and wants to rip off. Ow. I'm convinced it hurt worse than childbirth. Never have I actually given birth, but I bet it hurts less than slicing your fingernail to the pulp.

And now that I want to throw up in my mouth for typing both "giving birth" and "pulp," I'm going to leave now. Fare-thee-well.

(Photo: Those are The Sister's feet. It's a picture from the website. Nope. Still not giving you the link).