In case you're feeling charitable.

I am exactly $970 away from the $2,000 mark in my Team In Training fundraising. I have officially raised $1,030 since May. Two-thousand dollars isn't necessarily pertinent in any way, considering I still have to reach $2,900 to even make it halfway, but doesn't $2,000 sound like fun?

I agree.

So, in case any of you have said $970 burning a hole in your pocket, or you know anyone or business eager to lend a hand for a great cause, by all means, send them my way. Every little, itty-bit helps. Trust me.

As for my training? It's officially begun, again. And I need new running shoes. Four-hundred miles on one pair sneaks up quick! Courtney and I ran this morning, and it was fabulous. My legs were a little achy, but that's probably from the 38 lunges I did last night.


Oh, and say hi to Amelia. My sore rear end and fundraising efforts are for her: