In a nutshell.

One week ago, life was carrying on as normal. I had some excitement. I was getting a new, one-bedroom apartment in August! YAY! And then the weekend came, and I smoked my half marathon goal! YAY! And today... the ultimate: I ACCEPTED A JOB OFFER. A real job. A CAREER.

No more call center. No more timed bathroom breaks. No more cubicle farm. No more degradation. No more feeling useless. No more wasting my abilities. No more.

Starting Wednesday, I will be a public relations account executive at a marketing agency. IN MADISON. The opportunity literally fell in my lap. That's hardly an exaggeration, which is why this is so mind-blowing. It started with an email. Less than a week ago. An email sparked by this very blog. An email turned into interview turned into job offer.

I am speechless. Well, almost. Because here I am typity-typing all kinds of words. Everything fell into place all of a sudden. EVERYTHING. I don't need to leave Madison. I won't leave Madison. I didn't want to leave Madison. There was some reason I needed to just stay, and here it is. The job. The job I've been searching for for over three years. I can't say I was patient, because I wasn't. I kicked. I cried. I was dramatic. I blogged. I even cried in the last few days from the stress of the possibility of life falling into place. And the fear of it not happening.

And now... calm.

All I've wanted for years is to settle. And I haven't, clearly. I've moved, I've job-hopped, I've been lost, I've been all over the place - especially in my mind. Something about Madison made me want to stay. To settle. I was hellbent on sticking through the hell that was my job. "I will wait for the perfect job to land in my lap," I said. Over and over and over and over. But nothing was landing. Not a damn thing. Nothing was out there.

Now I have my chance. To settle. To be happy. To find my creativity. To have my career. I'm surprised I even remember how to spell "career."

On a completely related tangent: I CAN RIDE MY BIKE TO WORK. And I bet I can go to the bathroom whenever I want and no one will scold me when my average bathroom time per day exceeds 10 minutes.

I am happy. And excited. And My Life: Part II begins now.