I'm sort of embarrassed by this, so I'll get it over with really quickly.

You guys. Remember when I said I was going to vote twice for American Idol last night? Once for Blake, once for Jordin? Because it was a good cause? And also because Sanjaya is gone and votes actually count?

That's funny. (Cough). Funny like I waited until after 9 p.m., so the phone calls would fall into my "free nights and weekends" phone plan, and then I voted 32 times.


I voted more times, in one night, than I will probably ever vote for anything of a political nature in my lifetime; for a show that until two months ago had only provided me the pleasure of a Kelly Clarkson CD that I listen to frequently at a very loud volume. And then there's that girl crush on Carrie Underwood.

I'm kind of embarrassed. But every time I actually got through the line, which was always busy, and heard the voice that thanked me for voting for contestant No. 3 (and 6, and 3, and 3, and 3, and 6, and 3, and 6...), I felt like I won some sort of prize because, DID YOU HEAR THAT? I got through. It was magical.

And as I got comfortable under the blankets in bed, and began developing early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome from repeatedly hitting "send" on my cell phone with my right hand, The Fiance, who had taken a break from his Wii, of which he already achieved pro status on the bowling game because he would not stop playing, finally asked what, on Earth, I was doing.

You'd think with the concern in his voice I had grown a second head, and was trying to saw it off with my forefinger right there in his own bed.

"I am voting for American Idol," I replied. God. Duh.

"Why are you still voting?"

Scoff. "I am feeding children in Africa, OK?"