I'm so sure I have to wait 24 hours for '24'

So, in case you were wondering, 24 starts on Sunday night. TWO HOURS of 24, mind you. Followed by the NEXT two hours on Monday night. GLORY!

OK, but wait. I DON'T GET TO WATCH IT. Boo. It is for good reason (Hi, Sarah!), but still. Sigh. Our Myrtle Beach pals will be in town, and the whole lot of us are gathering to enjoy their company, which we only get twice per year. In the meantime, Jack Bauer will be recorded on my VCR.

But still. Sigh.

At work, us 24 connoisseurs (er, geeks) are already plotting plot twists, character developments and how many times Jack Bauer will attempt a meaningful connection with Kim. Or if she'll get chased by a cougar. Abducted. Et cetera. And they will be gathering for a season kick-off event Sunday night. Watching it happen live. And then talking about it Monday morning. Meaning I'll have to shut my eyes and plug my ears so I don't overhear the season opener's exciting-ness before I get a chance to watch it.

On a brighter note, I'll get to watch four straight hours of 24 on Monday night. Four straight hours. Yesss. I missed me some Jack Bauer.