I'm just saying.

I've lost Jeremy to Playstation, again. But this time it's Grand Theft Auto of some sort. No more Tiger Woods. Instead, there are guns and hookers and things. You know, all the ingredients of teenage violence. I should maybe be concerned, but instead I watched TV. Private Practice?  Who watched it? I liked it. But I think I liked it because I love Grey's Anatomy. The shows very much have the same formula. Good music, good cast. It was sad, and I laughed. The only thing it's missing is McDreamy, but we can leave him with Grey's. I really like the cast. And I love Addison. So, I'm probably going to keep watching it.

And Grey's is back on tonight, which is the most exciting thing to happen since, well, last season. I'm thinking I'm not going to like the new interns, or any storylines involving them, but hopefully their addition to the show is insignificant.

In other news, I ran with Courtney and Mary last night, which was a nice change. And I called my doctor to put me back on a birth control pill that does not cause chin acne. She said a few others have had the same problem with the pill I'm on, which makes me believe it needs some sort of warning. Prevents pregnancy, but may cause chin acne. Something like that. Someone's got to warn me about these things! So, on to Yaz. Interesting.

And now you know all about my birth control habits. Don't you feel better now? I do.