I'm it.

I hated playing tag as a child. Ha-ted. I'm neurotic and crazy and anxious. The thought of being chased was horrible. I could hear and feel the footsteps behind me and it'd make my heart palpitate, swear to God. I would scream. "You're it!!" they tell me.


Ah, childhood. To this day I still hate when someone is walking too close behind me. It makes me uneasy. I've been known to stop so they can pass.

On the Internet, it's a little less scary. And since Erin has tagged me about eleventeen times and I've yet to play along, I figured I'd have a go at it this time. I am to list six quirks that I have, and you guys already know I'm crazy, so we'll skip that one.

1. When I'm put on the spot while angry or highly embarrassed, I cry. Always. Just cry. It's almost like my panic button. If I cry, maybe they'll leave me alone. I don't know why I cry, it just happens.

2. I cannot drink water from bathroom faucets. I have a complex and believe said water is directed from the toilet. I just cannot separate the two. I also have a hard time eating or drinking anything while in the bathroom. For example, while I'm getting ready each morning, I can't be eating or drinking anything. There are toilet germs in the air. It will get on my food.

3. If I'm in a car, I feel naked without my seatbelt. It's the first thing I do - put on my seatbelt. If, for some reason, I don't put it on, I am convinced the car is going to crash and I am going to be ejected from the vehicle. And die.

4. I will not answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. Ever. If it's important, the person will leave a message. Also true: I am more inclined to return a missed call if the person left a message. I rationalize this by saying, "Well, it must have been important if they left a message."  But then I never listen to the message before returning the call.

5. Whenever I apply lotion to my hands, or anywhere for that matter, I always wipe the lotion off my palms. I don't like having greasy hands.

6. I named my cat Chicken. Enough said.