I'll try traveling by foot this time.

I drove my car to work today. I knooooow.

:: hangs head in shame ::

But you guuuuys, it's hot. If it were acceptable to serve as a newspaper reporter with pit stains, then I'm totally in. But I think that is frowned upon, I really do. Plus the humidity does ridiculous things to my 'do, and really, just, no.

But I'll make up for it tonight, swear.

I've got to let the pups out after work, and head over to the other side of town to watch a bike race and socialize with some gals (emphasis on socialize). So, I'm just going to run everywhere.

Run to the dogs. Walk the dogs. Run to the other side of town. Run back...

OK, I'm lying about that last part. I'll be getting a ride back home tonight. But to my defense, it will be dark out. And I'm a-scared of the dark. That, and I plan to pig out on pizza. Sue me.