If you have my name, and my GMail address, I loathe you.

My maiden name was original. It also rhymed with bedwetter, but whatever. If I wanted an email address that took some variation of my first and last name, it was no problem. Because no one else had my name.

But now? Now I'm pissed because every variation of Krista and Brown was unavailable in the world of GMail. Krista.Brown, kristabrown, brown.krista, KBB, TheKBB. All of it. Taken. By some woman with some variation of my name. And while I found a satisfactory variation of my new name to create a new email address, it is not what I was hoping for.

And I've decided this whole name changing concept is far too complicated. My maiden name still reads all over my bills, my checkbook, my drivers license. I'm still using my maiden name for work purposes since I can't change it in the system until I get a new social security card, which will probably be at least a week. And I can't change anything else, until I get that.

I'm feeling pretty whine-y about all of this, but it will pass. As soon as I stop forgetting to introduce myself with a new name.

Brown, like the color.