If I was a millionaire.

A coworker who's been feeding me specialty running store coupons left and right just handed me the mecca of all things running-related: a National Running Center catalogue. Whimper.

I want all of it.

Right now is their running shoe sale, and it's page after page of Mizuno and Saucony and New Balance and my beloved Brooks. I'm gazing longingly at the Brooks Adrenaline, on sale for $75. And my sweet Brooks Glycerine. Even the Asics look beautiful, and I haven't run in those in over a year.


Even the Body Glide on page two and the case of strawberry-banana Gu on page 13 has me salivating.

Why can't I have everything? WHY?

I want socks and sports bras and perfectly-fitted running shorts with a 3-inch inseam and anĀ internal key pocket!

I'm convinced that if I had a never-ending flow of cash, I'd be a superb runner. Or at least that's what I tell myself to feel better about not being a superb runner. And even if I weren't a superb runner, I'd at least look like a superb runner with all of my specialty running apparel and accessories.

So I will sit here and I will drool and dream of wicking fabric and MoGo stability cushioning. I will sleep with this catalogue under my pillow. Next to my Jason Mraz CD collection.

I kid.

(Speaking of Mr. A-Z, he's playing in Milwaukee on Nov. 21, FYI. And if I happen upon this never-ending cash flow, I'll be there, too. In my new running shoes. Covered in Body Glide.)