Idol conversation.

I have NO idea who'll be voted off tomorrow. I don't even know if I can make a prediction.

And Sanjaya. Did you see him? I hate to even admit that I don't think he did that badly. I don't know. Was it awkward? I thought it was a huge improvement from, uh, I don't know, every OTHER day.

Haley did better, though I think she's trying to go the sex appeal route to make up for not being as powerful as the others. Jordin - love her. Still. She's so good. Gina? Hm. I thought she did good, but apparently the judges didn't. I like her haircut, though. Blake and Chris Richardson? Love them. Obviously. And still. Chris Sligh? He's still good, but I don't know, he's not my favorite anymore. Phil - did well. LaKisha and Melinda - the usual: good. But their fabulous-ness is almost getting old. I still think Melinda is in the lead, though. And Stephanie. I thought she did well, although the judges didn't. She is very Beyonce. If Beyonce were an adjective.

So, my prediction? This is hard. I'm just going to go with Gina, Haley and Sanjaya in the bottom three, although I think Sanjaya may have a really good shot at making it through to the top 10. I'd hate to see Gina go, but I really don't know who else could potentially go. Maybe Phil, just because I don't think his performances are very memorable.

We'll find out tomorrow!