I'd like to thank my parents, The Cats...

Blog pal Tim over at "train with tim"* offered me the opportunity to appear as a guest blogger on his blog. I am flattered.

He blogs for MKE about all things fitness-related, most recently blogging his marathon training venture. He ran the Lakefront Marathon in October in the 90-degree weather. Sick.

He and I share affinities for blogging, running and being newlyweds, I more "newly" than he. The Middle is his hometown.

Anyhow, he told me that ANY TIME I wanted to blog, I could just send it to him and he'd publish it.


:: evil grin ::

I assume he means that any time I wanted to discuss my running (or lack thereof) I could use his blog as an outlet, but I might test him on that. Next time I feel like whining about a zit or feel like gushing over my exquisite taste in music, I'll send it his way.

Just kidding.

Maybe this will motivate me to actually take up running again. Seeing as though I seem to have forgotten how.

* I would link directly to "train with tim," but I am using a Mac, and for some reason I don't know how to perform such an action on Wordpress from a Mac. My normal "toolbar" above is completely different. Please advise. So in the meantime, please find "train with tim" in my blogroll.