I'd be more excited if, perhaps, the temperatures weren't Arctic.

I officially began my nine weeks of half-marathon training yesterday by doing absolutely nothing.


So, it was a "rest day," but whatever. Any extensive training plan that begins with no physical activity at all is acceptable to me. The plan, which was devised by a local ultra marathoner, consists of rest days, cross training (Jazzercise. Hot.) and running, which increases in mileage as the weeks progress.

Today is my first day of running. Two miles, to be exact. And, because I don't have a gym membership, I'll be taking this run o-u-t-s-i-d-e. And I don't know if you've been within a 100-mile radius of This Place I Live, but it is exactly NEGATIVE FOUR degrees outside. The weathermen forecast an optimistic high temperature of TWO for the day. As in, TWO DEGREES.

I walked three blocks to an appointment yesterday and achieved brain freeze by simply breathing, so that's really cool. Right?

But, I am dedicated, dang nabbit. And I will RUN. And I will NOT DIE. And tomorrow? I will jazzercise! And on April 14? I will finish the race, by God! Ahem. Cough. OK, that's all the enthusiasm I've got.

The best news to come of this adventure? AJ, marathon partner extraordinaire, will be joining me on race day. And although we'll only (only?) be stomping 13.1 miles, not 26.2, and we likely will not consider ripping off each other's legs and beating ourselves with them (I can see a great YouTube video here), it shall be joyous.

And on that note, let me just go ahead, grab my snowsuit and take it out for a run.