I will miss you, couch.

Four hours after returning home from my second interview, I received a call and was offered the job. JUST LIKE THAT.

"We were all just delighted to meet you today," he said. "We'd like to give you the job."

I nearly wet myself. I start Monday. All of a sudden what felt like an eternity of worthlessness and job hunting was dwindled down to just two more days. This is officially my final weekend of unemployment. I can now join the rest of the civilized world in saying, "Ah, shit. I've gotta go to work on Monday."


It feels like the first day of school all over again. I want to pack up my backpack with my new folders and notebooks, my gym shoes, and my paint shirt for art class. I want to wear a new outfit and arrange photos in my locker in the most appealing way. It's funny because I remember this feeling nearly two years ago as I prepared for a new job. Does that make me nervous, considering the outcome of that adventure? Sure. But I'm ready for this. I'm excited to join a group of people who were so incredibly welcoming and kind yesterday. I felt comfortable and wanted. I will kick ass in the most ass-kicking kind of way.

So as I transition from unemployed cat lady to PR & Social  Media Account Executive (with cats), I thank you all for the well-wishes and encouragement and support the last three, very long months. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find portraits of Harley and Chicken to have framed for my new desk.