I Twittered!

It tends to take me a minute (or six weeks) to catch on to the latest in Interweb technology. Although, I think I jumped on blogging pretty quick in the game. 2005? Was that early? I can tell you that my blogroll was certainly not as large then as it is now. Anyhow, that is neither here no there.

Back to my Internet illiteracy.


Have you heard of this phenomenon? It is FANTASTIC. Apparently (why? I don't know), I had a Twitter account set up that sat stagnant for a loooong time. I kept receiving notices from this Twitter character in my inbox, and other than "WTF?" I thought, "Delete. Delete, delete, delete."

I paid very little attention. Which tends to happen when I DON'T CARE.

But I continued to see this Twitter business popping up all over town. By "town," of course I mean, "the blog world," and now here I am. Twittering.

Word on the street is that it's another way to keep connected to people (who stalk you). I can simply send a text message to Twitter to tell them (you) what I'm doing, and poof - there it is! On my Twitter page. And now, if you'll please notice, on my sidebar. (See? Isn't it pretty? Oooooh!)

And so now, when I simply can't blog while sitting in line at the grocery store, and I want to TELL YOU I'm sitting in line at the grocery store, I can send a text to Twitter to tell you that I AM SITTING IN LINE AT THE GROCERY STORE.


This is intense stuff.

Here I am making light of it, but in actuality, I am addicted. Yet another way to A) waste time, B) stalk people, C) waste more time and D) be cool.

But really, the whole Twitter concept is much more in depth than I have explained here, so just trust that it's neat. And pay attention to my sidebar, for my Twitters will update regularly.