I suppose I could have worse, unhealthier habits.

Since spring is finally springing, I'm actually in the mood to begin looking ahead at my running calendar, which is good since I have about eight minutes before my first half marathon. After a series of rearranging and planning and scheduling and chickening out and growing balls, I came up with a plan for three half marathons, two full marathons and a triathlon.

Unfortunately each race comes with a pricetag, but that's totally made worth it by the number of t-shirts, energy bars and pamphlets that come stuffed in each registration bag.

But my 2008 pricetag is $275. Hello.

I suppose that pales in comparison to the four-grand I had to raise last year for one event, not to mention the, uh, hundreds of dollars I spent on the trip alone (sorry, checkbook), or the time I registered and paid $90 for the 2006 Chicago Marathon and then never ran it.

Besides, I could spend more than that on a purse, and would totally do it if it weren't for my solid restraint (which slowly resides every day).

Or I could be addicted to heroine, or something equally morally damning, and I suppose that would be worse than dropping less than $300 in a single year on endurance events.

But along with endurance events comes new shoes every 300(ish) miles. Throw in a hundred bucks a pop there, and voila: expensive hobby.

I'm considering forming a commercial to get others to join me. For just 75 cents a day, you, too, can pay to race over 90 miles in one year. And we'll throw in a triathlon!

Anyone coming with me?