I realize this is 12 hours late.

Did that happen? The most shocking turn of events ever on American Idol? I almost died.


OK, I'm totally kidding. Even though that was crap. SANJAYA IS GONE. Ah! I did a small victory lap around the living room. He actually was voted off. When I saw the bottom three, I thought for sure Blake would be gone. Who'd vote off LaKisha (except me)? And I thought, there's no way Sanjaya will actually go home. But alas.

So now we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief, and continue watching American Idol with glee. Although, I'll admit, for about 3.7 seconds I felt mini-sad for the little bugger. He was so weepy.

And then I got over it.

Also, I totally called the eye-rolling flap, did I not? Although it turns out it was a case of bad timing, but still. I knew someone other than me was going to notice. Silly Simon.