I promise television season is almost over, and then I'll shut up about it.

Holy depressing television.

Grey's Anatomy? Hello? Are you out there? Remember when you were happy and fun? Before you started killing Denny and laying Izzie on the bathroom floor in her pretty, pretty prom dress? And now every. single. character. on the show is depressed. Not one happy moment came from last night's season finale. Except maybe the chief and Adele. But even in that case they lost a child.

And Cristina? At the end? Cutting off her wedding dress and freaking out? How sad. And Burke left her. And he probably should have because, really, she wasn't very nice. But it was sad, anyway. And his vows! Were so good!

And Izzie loves George! And George failed his intern exam! And Callie wants a baby? Help! I don't like the George storyline because what is he going to do now? He can't NOT be with the rest of them. And he can't be hanging out with those new, retarded interns. And LEXIE GREY? Please. That makes me want to die. I'm so sure they'd bring in another Dr. Grey Drama. As if there isn't enough Grey Drama. And bad enough she's McDreamy's Girl From The Bar.

I think I'm suffocating.

And? And! Meredith is an idiot! Id-i-ot. I'm so sure she's going to leave Derek just because she's an idiot, and poor me, and I Like To Be Dark And Twisty And Get Sympathy. I like her. I do. But the drama gets old.

Speaking of old drama, someone needs to punch Alex. Why does he have to be a jerk to every woman that wants to be with him? First Addison, who, hi, you DON'T turn down Addison. She's hot. And now Ava-slash-Rebecca? I felt sad for him for approximately 3.7 seconds when he went back to find her, and she was gone. But after that? I got over it. Because he deserves it. And I'm so sure Addison's going to go off to her own show next season and not say goodbye to us.

And poor Bailey. I'm so sure Callie gets picked as chief resident over Bailey.

I'm really not sure how I'll function through the summer with all of this depression and bad news. Although, I will say, I'm glad this season finale wasn't nearly as devastating as last season's Izzie-cuddling-with-dead-Denny-in-his-hospital-bed-scene. Oh, shivers.

And now 24 is going to end on Monday, and I can guarantee that is going to leave me in suspense. And American Idol? Blake? Jordin? Who!

Oh, I do not function well under these conditions.