I need to just get this all off my chest. And then just go ahead and pretend I didn't admit any of it.

You guys. I am a total closet Harry Potter fan. There. I said it. And it's not just because I have a completely inappropriate crush on Harry, himself, who is all of eight years old. It's because I'm a genuine dork. And I am OK with this.

I laughed at The Sister for years for reading about childish wizardry, until I saw one of the movies and realized, "Aw, he's cute. And in 13 years he should totally call me."

Then I was hooked. And read the first six books in one summer. And I currently have all four movies sitting at my apartment waiting to be watched before the fifth installment is released tomorrow.

Oh my God, the word vomit! It won't stop!

And here is my dilemma - I need to see the fifth movie. Need. And The Fiance thinks I'm a complete retard and won't touch the movie theater with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole, if it has anything to do with Harry Potter. And I'll see it alone, if I have to. I will. I'll do it.

And the book. The last book. I don't know how to wrap my head around this. I don't own any of the previous six books. And I am thisclose to pre-ordering the seventh book because, A) I do not have the patience to wait to borrow The Sister's copy. Or Dad's copy, for that matter. And B) by the time I get around to borrowing a copy, I'll have already heard from said sister who dies and what happens. Like that time she told me Sirius died and, oh my God, so does Dumbledore, and can you believe it?! Before I ever read the books.

I'll never be the same. Worst spoiler ever. Like that time I found out Jen Lindley died in the series finale before I ever saw a single episode of Dawson's Creek.

So I'll probably end up owning book seven, and it will sit all alone on the bookshelf, all, "Where are my friends?" And I'll be forced to buy the other six. And while we're at it, who has $19 so I can pre-order my copy from Barnes & Noble?

On to other things.

Man vs. Wild. Who watches this show? Speaking of inappropriate crushes. I love this show, and have probably watched 47 (or five) episodes of it in the past two days. Bear Grylls? Hello. He eats bugs and dead sheep and drinks his own urine. And only that man can make it look good.

And remember that part where I said to forget everything I just said? OK, cool. Thanks.