I need someone to make a decision for me.

I am considering reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

The book has 1,088 pages. ONE THOUSAND AND EIGHTY-EIGHT pages. I have a very dear friend who's read it more than once. More than twice. Probably more than that. I, of course, highly trust her judgment, however, I need more opinions before I commit myself to over 1,000 pages of book about objectivism.

Seriously. Am I actually considering this?

Has anyone read this? Would I have more fun sticking hot pokers into my nostrils?

** EDIT **

This is the response I just got regarding the book with 1,088 pages:

"It's a famous book, but so is War and Peace."

(Note to self: War and Peace is a book I would never read. Ever).

Huh. Good call. She also said something about the ability to use the book as a doorstop, and also getting carpal tunnel from holding it up to read.

** Um, EDIT, again **

So this pal of mine. She's read it THREE TIMES. Three. That's 3,264 pages of the same book. She tells me I "want DESPERATELY to read it."

So, it's a tie thus far. Atlas Shrugged: 1, Not sticking hot pokers into my nostrils: 1.

** OK, honestly **

Well, I've generated a buzz amongst the people I know who've read some of Ayn Rand's books, including Atlas Shrugged, and the concensus is... I totally have to read it.