I need a refill.

OK, I did it. Please be gentle, because I am not quite used to the new name.

Welcome to Glass Half Empty: Because I got thirsty. You can call it what you wish, unless that includes the following: stupid, boring or worthless. In that case, shove it.

Please do me a favor and update your blogrolls. Feel free to just call it Glass Half Empty, because if you're anything like me, long blog titles give you hives.

I'd like to explain the title a little bit, because I'm certainly not a glass-half-empty type of girl. I used to be. Pessimism was my thing in my moody, teenage years. And the mood still strikes every once in a while. But, generally, pessimism makes my head hurt.

When someone's eternally pessimistic, it brings everyone down. I know people like that. The people who are never happy. Those who complain about ev-er-y-thing. Don't get me wrong, I like to bitch, but I think there's a fine line between the occasional complaint and downright depressing.

I like to think there is a happy medium.

And so my glass is only half empty because I drank out of it. Not because I'm pessimistic, and not because I have anything to complain about. I just simply need to go to the faucet to fill it back up.