Oh, I love the Brewers. So much. Sooooo much. It's like having an entire team of boyfriends that I don't have to actually deal with, just look at. And cheer for. And have naked dreams about... What?

Baseball season has got to be the best way-too-many-months of the year. Don't know if we'll ever top last season and all of its glorious-ness, but dammit, we can pretend.

That's all.

Was just watching the game, and needed to spread my love. Would also like to lock myself in a room with Braun and JJ and Kendall and Cameron and Bill and Rickie and Prince-y and Hart and spread my love to them, too.

Just saying.

And before I sign off, let's all look at Ryan Braun for a hot minute.

And let's also discuss the new black hair on Hardy and Hart. Personally, I think black hair on Hart helps distract from his awful mullet. And also go check out my new favorite blog, Miller Park Drunk.

Rock on, Brewers.