I might start rambling.

I am currently living without Internet. Can you tell? I promise one day I'll have it back, and I'll blog and blog and blog all night long. But for now, you guys get one post a day. Sigh.

I know, I know.

I walked into my cubicle (with walls! and a bookshelf!) and found a box on my desk. A large box, full of stuff. For me! Inside I found my stapler and tape dispenser and Post-it dispenser and mouse pad and, and! It was like Christmas. I am an office supply whore.

I'm also pleased to be back in a newsroom that has a coffee pot. And not just a coffee pot, but an entire kitchen with a dishwasher and a refrigerator and a good flow of snacks on a regular basis.

So I have my coffee and my stapler and a gel wrist rest on my mouse pad, and I am happy.

In other news, I found out some information about a certain someone the other day that made me wretch. It's not surprising news. I'm not shocked. But I am disappointed, and secretly pleased.

No, I will not splurge details, for this is the Internets, and it's not nice to say bad things about people (cough), but just know that I am laughing. On the inside and out. And to you, if you're reading (doubtful), you're disgusting. Have a nice day.

I also watched a healthy dose of Dawson's Creek last night since I have yet to hook up my cable. I am further reminded how much I love Pacey and Joey. They are the epitome of everything I want in young, ansgt-ridden love.

We're supposed to get more storms today, and that is ludicrous. Does God understand that there are things I want to do outside? Does anyone know how I can get ahold of God, so I can tell him he needs to cool it on the rain? I'd pray, but I learned praying is not always reliable, because I never did get that killer jean jacket I prayed so hard for when I was 11.