"I just want to cut off your skin and wear it to my birthday."

That title, by the way, is a line from "Blades of Glory," the new Will Ferrell movie. A movie, which, I'm convinced, contains a script written by God, himself. It's that funny. That, or The Fiance and I share the mentality of 16-year-olds who find it funny when they hear the word "dong."

One or the other.

So I just had to get that out there. And I've been telling The Fiance since Friday night that I want to cut off his skin and wear it to my birthday, and it's sort of losing it's luster. Actually, I think he's a little creeped out and also thanking his lucky stars that my birthday was two months ago.

Anyway, on with it. The Fiance and I made our first friends. Our Friends. Not His Friends, who have signed contracts and are required to take me in, or My Friends, who are required, by law, to like him.

Rather, this is a couple whom we essentially met together. I met her through a running club only to discover that A) she lives in the next town over from The Middle, which is fateful enough, B) she has a fiance, too, who enjoys things such as golfing and drinking beer (!!) and C) she has great hair. Oh, and she likes cats. And he likes to do Man Things.

So, naturally, she and I played matchmaker and set up a double date. The men were timid, perhaps, at first, but after a (horrible) movie (read: "The Hills Have Eyes 2"), some beers and bad townie bars, they were fast friends. And she and I slapped high fives and continued planning our respective weddings (which are only one week apart!).

Since then, the boys have exchanged phone numbers and have made plans for future play dates. Ahem, golfing. And beer drinking. And pick-up basketball games. And last weekend the four of us went to dinner and a movie. And she and I continue to plan weddings. And run.

We have each brought a great deal of friends into the relationship. A lot. You should see our guest list. It's sort of like bringing children into a relationship. You hope they all get along and create a happy family. But this is the first time a pair of friends hasn't been pre-existing. We created the friendship by ourselves, as a couple. (Insert, "Awwww," here).

Which could be detrimental if, dare I say it, our future marriage one day goes awry. We'll have to have a custody battle. And I don't know about you, but I'm pretty territorial. For example, The Cats? Are so mine. And the Erins, Daves, Mandys, Beths, AJs, Anthonys of the world? ALL MINE. Oh, and the box of Nerds in the pantry? Totally mine, too.

Good thing we signed lifelong contracts and won't have to worry about such things.