I just got an email from someone named Dorothy Dike.

So, I hate when people don't use turn signals. The end.

Oh, and, today is the used book sale at the library, oh my God, I'm so excited. It's one of those things I forgot all about until I got to work, and when I heard the news, it made the day worth living, I swear. Oh, happiness.

Furthermore, I've been looking into Team In Training - where you raise a certain amount of money ($1,500?) for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - and in turn, receive round trip airfare, lodging and entry fee for one of M-A-N-Y events - marathons, half marathons, triathlons. (Um, for example, HAWAII). How cool would THAT be? And you get a customized training program and expert coaching. Ah! I want! Plus, hi, you help save people. And are part of a team.

Also, today I received an Easter basket from a local woman who I recently wrote an article about. Aw. It's got a pink bunny. And candy. And it's sitting on my desk just asking me to get fat.

Speaking of nothing, I got my hair trimmed yesterday. And I've decided it will be my last haircut until AFTER the wedding. Which means for the next four months I need to severely cut back on the hair drying and flat iron use because after a week, you can literally break my hair off at the ends. And, well, nice hair doesn't grow pretty when it's FALLING OFF. And so I've been allowing my hair to air dry, and if you're wondering who the ugly girl is with the bad hair, HI, it's me. Welcome to my life. My hair? It's absurd. Whoever graced me with peculiar hair that dries funny and unnaturally "wavy," thanks. Boo.

On that note, that's all I've got.

Oh, wait. One more. So, I finished Jodi Picoult's new book - Nineteen Minutes - and it's uber-good. I highly enjoyed. It might just be because it has her autograph on it, but whatever. Read it.

Wait, wait. Not done. You guys, my mom does NOT like The Time Traveler's Wife. What? Only the best book ever. Sigh.

OK, that's really the end.