I heart Jason Mraz.

Today was the worst day ever.

I got that pit-of-the-stomach dread. You know, the feeling you get when you discover a lost love is back in love, and not with you? The nausea that comes along with discovering your "other" has been unfaithful? The ache in your entire body when that special someone tells you, "this just isn't going to work?"

Today I discovered Jason Mraz has a girlfriend.

Now, I know, settle down Krista, you're thinking. You're how old? Do girls, ahem, women, your age still have crushes on celebrities? The answer is yes.

The Girlfriend - we'll call her up-and-comer Tristan Prettyman - is beautiful. She's got wholesome qualities, sings wonderfully (yes, the minute I found out about her I downloaded her songs), and she has freckles (excuse me, Jason, so do I). Jason, my Mr. A-Z, is in love.

It had me wondering when, exactly, can people stop crushing on the unattainable?

My life can be completely divided into eras: The Johnathan Taylor Thomas Era. The Michael Jackson Era. The Leonardo DiCaprio Era. The N'Sync Era. The John Mayer Era. And now this: The Jason Mraz Era. My obsession - er, fandom - of celebrities has gotten me through a lifetime. Now, none of this is to take away from the realistic love of The Boyfriend Era, which is currently sharing the top spot with Jason, but I think holding tight to adolescent star-struckedness is a good thing. And it keeps me entertained. And at a 15-year-old's mentality.

Mom, we'll call her 45, is madly in love - yes, it's love - with Bon Jovi. I do not lie. And I'll swear she's worse than me. I bring her home magazines with his picture, my sister makes her Bon Jovi scrapbooks, and Dad has (oh-so-kindly) escorted her to FOUR concerts. Four. In two years. But it keeps her young. She has fun, and who's to blame her? Who cares if the real Mrs. Bon Jovi is a %$#@& !!, according to Mom. In her world, SHE is his No. 1.

Which brings me back to me. And Jason. Do you know that number one on my Christmas list is the entire stock of the jasonmraz.com store? Do you know I saw him in concert in October and screamed like a 12-year-old girl for two straight hours? Do you know when I listen to all 63 of his songs on my iPod, the world around me could combust, and I'd still be in la-la land? It's true.

So to this Girlfriend of his: sigh. I have respect for you, and I'm not gonna lie, I'll probably go buy your CD tomorrow. But just so you know, the next time I see a photo of the two of you together, I'm cutting your face out and photo-shopping my own in its place.