I hate you, iPod earbuds.

So, the earbuds to my beloved iPod spontaneously combusted two days ago. Of course by "spontaneously combusted" I mean "the left bud stopped working," which really isn't that dramatic and can readily be solved by purchasing a new pair of earbuds at a minimal cost, but minimal is a lot when you're checking account has minimal funds, HOWEVER, it is ruining my day.

Today I am surrounded by gum-snapping, which is not a regular occurrence, but perhaps I missed the memo that said, "Everyone, please. Grab a piece of gum, put it in your mouth, and snap it all afternoon." I don't really like gum that much, anyway.

And maybe you don't know me, but gum snapping is high on my list of Things That Cause Me To Have A Psychotic Breakdown And Want To Rip Out The Throats Of Kittens. And people, that's pretty serious. Also on that list are: slow drivers, the word "panties" and strangers with bad grammar.

Anyway, people. What good is an iPod for drowning out the sounds of others when only ONE EARBUD works? This is not a highly-effective way to save myself from crisis. Help.