"I don't wanna wait... " No, really. I don't.

April 4. It's coming. I've been waiting forever. And by forever, I mean at least a year. And a year is a long time when you're left hanging.

Will Joey stop Dawson from leaving? What about Pacey and Audrey? And I already know what happens to Jen. Ugh.

Dawson's Creek: The Complete Sixth Season is released April 4, and I'll tell you what - I squealed when I found out.


I never watched Dawson's Creek during the six years it was actually on. Until the season finale. I was busy doing other things. Like not watching Dawson's Creek.

But then the season finale was on. The shocking two-parter that was all the talk on The WB. You can't miss something like that, right? Of course not. So I watched it. And I cried. And I immediately had to know what led to this point. All six years of it. So thank God for TBS. My new favorite station played the first five seasons in one summer. Every day. Two episodes a day.

I became obsessed. Eventually bought all five seasons on DVD and watched them again. Just for good measure, of course. Pacey. Jen. Joey. Dawson. They were my best friends. Obviously.

But TBS did a horrible thing. It started over at Season One after it played through all of Season Five. Gasp. How dare it stop. And although I owned Season Five, and watched it over again, I still had a giant void in my life: Season Six.

For an entire year I've been waiting to witness what happens to my favorite Dawson's River Kids, and I can't handle the suspense.


So I know Jen dies, which pardon my French, I think is bullshit. And I know Jack adopts her orphaned child and shacks up with Pacey's brother. Joey picks Pacey over Dawson, as she should, and life goes on. Honestly. That's good TV.

But seriously, I missed a whole year of their lives. A lot can happen in a year. I know. That's how long I've been waiting for this.