I do remember how to read, I swear.

For seven months last year I lived without television and without internet. I swear I did have electricity, I didn't go completely Amish. But I lived in a studio apartment the approximate size of the interior of my Chevrolet Cavalier. At least my car has a sunroof, though.

So I did a lot of reading. A lot of reading. I was reading a couple books a week. It's sort of ridiculous, looking back on it, and I swear I did have a life, sort of, but when you have no internet, you can't blog, and when you have no TV, you can't watch Grey's Anatomy when the third season premieres, which will severely alter your life.

So I read. And I liked it. I also watched back-to-back, consecutive episodes of Sex and the City and Dawson's Creek - all six seasons of each on DVD - in approximately a month-and-a-half, but that's beside the point.

But now I have television. And internet. And The Fiance, who, turns out, is quite time-consuming. In a good way, of course. But when you come home from work and there is technology and a person and cats to entertain you, there just seems to be no time to read.

And now I am desperately behind on my reading goal for the year. The year is nearly half over (!!), and I still need to read 29 (!) books. But more importantly, the year is half over. Holy crap. How did that happen? And then, TWENTY-NINE BOOKS. Granted, I have about 58 books waiting patiently on the must-read list, but still, reading all of that in six-and-a-half months, while simultaneously planning a wedding, training for (a) marathon(s), fundraising for Team In Training, cleaning litterboxes, being charming and watching cat hair collect on the back of the sofa is really too much.

Remember how I said I was reading "Life at These Speeds" by Jeremy Jackson, followed by "Beloved" by Toni Morrison? That's funny. Funny like I never opened either of them, and I already had to return them to the library. Overdue.


However, I am right now re-committing to this reading challenge, and I swear, in front of God and, um, you people, that I will read those 29 books, and I will not fail. And first on my list is "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.

OK, I feel better now.