I do. Or don't?

A close friend of mine is getting married next October. I take that back. Two close friends are getting married next year: one in October, the other in December. Both girls are making plans, shopping for dresses, planning their bridal parties. And it hit me - if I got married tomorrow, who would I want in my own bridal party? And how did this become such a tough decision?

OK, I know, I'm about as close to getting married as my 11-year-old cousin, but a girl can dream, can't she? And more importantly, a girl can plan. Popping the question, "will you be in my wedding?" seems to be as crucial as, "will you marry me?" And both questions are inevitable. (Right?)

Six years ago, this would have been simple. I had three best friends. We grew up together, probably planned our weddings together. (Girls do that, OK, deal with it). It was like three insta-bridesmaids. Funny what one fued, six years and a lot of growing up can do. Funny like I don't talk to a single one of them anymore. Whoops. So, scratch that bridal party. Back to the drawing board.

I've weaved in and out of friendships the way I've weaved in and out of boyfriends I assumed to be "the one." Now don't get me wrong, I've held solid friendships with a select few girl friends, some closer than others. (Unfortunately I haven't held the same kind of solidity with any of the assumed "ones," but I'm keeping my fingers crossed). But of those, I can name three. There are three girls on this Earth who get me. One is across the country, another I see so rarely she may as well be across the country, and a third is right here. Literally. But regardless of geography, I keep them as close as I can.

So, OK, add in my sister, and, hypothetically, I've got four bridesmaids. Then there's the "new friend" factor. At what point does a new friendship blossom into "bridesmaid-worthiness?" Are there rules, like dating?

"I'm sorry, it's too soon. I'm not ready to be in your wedding."

Is that the way that conversation would go? Unlikely. So add in the "new friend" factor, the "solid friend" factor and the sister, and I'd say I have, ohhh, we'll call it six bridesmaids. Six feels like a good, round number.

I think plenty of girls - er, women - plan their inevitable bridal party. Or at least I hope it's not just me. So that's great. If I got married tomorrow, I've got myself some bridesmaids. Except here's the problem: I see no wedding in any kind of my immediate future.

So I guess before a girl can plan her bridesmaids, she might need to find a fiance.

Eh, whatever. We'll save that for another day. In the meantime, I think I'll hold onto my "bridesmaids." They seem more reliable.