I didn't go to 'State,' but see if I care.

So AJ took me around the campus of Michigan State University on Saturday, to show me what it's like to be a real Spartan. She also taught me that in East Lansing, we do not pronounce the 't' in Spartan. Try it.


Anyway, so, I saw the campus. And it made me wish I'd gone to a Big Ten school instead of a state college that doesn't even have its own football team. But alas. Here I am with my degree from a school that's not even in the NCAA (edit: NCAA Tournament. Cough.)


So, back to MSU, or "State," I'm told we call it. Not to be confused with "Michigan." Noooo. That would be bad.

Our first stop was Sparty the Spartan statue. Please feel free to learn more about him here if you're into, you know, factual information, or just look at these lovely pictures that depict exactly how I feel about large men in skirts.


Oh, I'm sorry. Was that inappropriate? I cannot help myself. I feel a kinship to this school already. Hey, Sparty! Call me!


Next stop? Spartan Stadium. This kind of requires a drumroll because the stadium was big and exciting and almost made me wish I cared about college football even a little.




Hi! Hi, stadium! I wish I cared more! Maybe next time! But aren't you cool as hell to pose in front of, looking pensive? If I had gone to school here, I promise I would've partaken in the many fun events you offer!

And that about wrapped it up. Until on the way home, only a short mile or so from her house, we passed THIS INTERSECTION:


HELLO. That made my day complete. Of course, as a true tourist, I hopped out of the car to snap a photo to illustrate my shock and awe:


Thanks for the memories, Michigan.