I can't just let this news slip by without comment.

Brett Favre is an asshole. Did you just hear me say that? And I love the man. I have always been loyal to No. 4, always. Even when dad was throwing things at the television and swearing to hang up his hat on the Packers. After every interception and every wrecked game, he was still my favorite Brett Favre. So loyal, that one.

But now I think he's being a piece of shit.

You know what? I get it. Dude wants to play football. But then why be a drama queen, force the media into a frenzy, cry your way through a "retirement" speech, watch thousands of fans mourn for you, for Christ's sake, and then come back three months later all, "Oh, just kidding!"


You asshole.

I'm glad the Packers denied his unconditional release. Not because I want him to play, but because I want them to make it damn hard for him to get out. Screw him. If he does end up playing for another team in the future, you can bet your ass my Favre jersey is going in the trash.

Bring on Aaron Rodgers. Favre threw my loyalty out the window along with all those interceptions he's thrown.

Phew. OK, I feel better now.