I can only fit so many words into my mouth at one time.

There is so much going on. Starting with tomorrow. I get a haircut and highlights. And that trial wedding updo I was supposed to have? It's rescheduled for Aug. 9. The same day The Fiance and I receive our marriage license.

Marriage license.

I am getting a license to wed, which is terribly exciting. But more exciting is that I received my passport in the mail the other day, because we're going to Mexico. Vacation. An entire week of beaches and sunshine and margaritas and God-approved relations. (Dear Mom, I mean kissing. We'll kiss).

And because we're going to Mexico - the Riviera Maya, for those who are counting - I need things. Things like swimsuits and new underwear. Panties? I hate that word. I believe the exact sentence I used was, "I cannot go on my honeymoon with the same stupid underwear I wear everyday."

So The Fiance, bless his tender-loving soul, went online, applied for a Victoria's Secret Angels Card, got approved, told me I had exactly $100 to spend, that's it, no more, or he will beat me, and said to have at it.

Have at it.

At Victoria's Secret. I peed a little in my pants (and you wonder why I need new panties, people). And immediately filled my eShoppingBag with new panties, a new bikini and something else I cannot talk about because Dad reads this, too. Hi, Dad! Daddy's little girl loves you!

So, back to the part where The Sister is making my centerpieces. Oh, wait. I didn't talk about that yet. The Sister is making my centerpieces, which is equivalent to giving me a bucket full of rainbows and kittens, because I was so not looking forward to digging into my creative mind for centerpiece ideas. And her idea is A+.

And? I get to run 17 miles after work today. Seventeen miles. Instead, I was thinking maybe I'd go outside, lay my head on the street and wait for the next passing vehicle to run it over.