I can keep talking about it if I want to.

I'm getting married in approximately eight minutes. Or, you know, three-and-a-half weeks, but I'm not counting. Are you? Because I'm totally not.

Did I just say three-and-a-half weeks? Whoa.

Because of this, there are many, many things to (stress) think about. And prepare for. We still don't have centerpieces yet. Ha. Ha, ha. Vows? We were going to write our own, but, well, probably not going to happen. If people would RSVP, we could begin a seating chart. And although I've got a tremendous idea for bridesmaid gifts, first I need to come up with the money.

Wedding planning is so fun.


However, the exciting part is upon us. I've got an appointment at the salon this weekend to tear my hair to shreds and find a suitable wedding day style, which I am highly excited for. I'm also getting highlights. And a trim. And my hair will rejoice and the angels will sing.

And we're meeting with the pastor to finalize ceremony details, too, at which time I will be able to pinpoint the exact moments I will cry, starting with the morning of, when I'll probably wake up with a zit.

At this point we'll also be able to complete our ceremony programs so we can argue over who is a friend of the bride, friend of the groom, friend of the couple, or the ex-boyfriend who one time deflowered me in high school. So many details!

I promise soon this will be over, and you'll (probably weekly) never read about it again, but for now, grin and bear it. Because do you know that while I'm gone getting married and vacationing in Mexico, I won't be blogging. And whose blog will you read then? Huh?

You'll miss me then. And you'll wish I was here to blog about seating charts and deflowerization.