I AM SO NOT OK WITH THIS (exclamation point).

Boone. DIED?! Boone died. BOONE DIED! He was pretty, god dammit! I am breaking up with Locke again. I blame him. Why, Boone? Why? And could his death have been any more AWFUL? Jeeeebus. I am scoffing aloud at the television. Tell Shannon WHAT?! What, Boone!?

Oh, rest in peace, sweet Boone.


I do promise to return to regularly scheduled blogging as soon as this show stops BLOWING MY MIND.

While I'm at it, I'm a little sore, FYI. Twenty miles does a bit of a number on one's small leg muscles. My thighs are a bit tender. So is my sunburn.

I'm a wimmmmp!

OK, back to LOST. Sshhh.

(Sayid and Shannon are in loooove. Aw. Too bad she's going to get accidentally shot by that bad ass freak of a Michelle Rodriguez. Sigh.)