I am green today.

I rode my bike to work today. WHOA.

I'm doing my best to balance my carbon footprint since I blast my air-conditioner at all hours. I only live one mile and some blocks from work, so it wasn't really much of a mission, and the area bike trail swings me right into downtown.

I battled my decision to ride my bike for a while. I tend to sweat, and do I really want to show up to work wet? (That answer is NO, but I did it anyway). Doesn't help that it's about 308 degrees today.

Good thing I packed deodorant.

But I did it anyway, and it was grand. I dare say I made it to work quicker than I would if I drove. Except once I got into downtown, and had to ride the few blocks in, I had to battle traffic and the assholes yelling, "Use the sidewalk!" as they drove past me in their pick-up truck.

Oh, really? EAT MY FOOT! Ass. (I was actually going to type EAT MY ASS! there, but thought better. You're welcome).

And so I'm feeling green today. Mother Nature would be proud.