I already checked the box.

My registration form for the Madison Marathon came in the mail this weekend. So of course I already filled it out. My registration is free because of a promotion I received a couple months ago when I bought my new Brooks, so that's a relief. As if running a marathon - for free! - is all that relieving. Twenty-six miles! Neat!


So I figure since I signed my name on the dotted line I should probably think about actually running again since it's fallen to the wayside as of late. May 25 will likely sneak up on me pretty quick.

Not to mention my first half on April 12. And another a month later. And the next marathon in October. And all the running in between. Perhaps it's crazy. But there are worse things I could be doing. You know, drugs. Promiscuous sex. Drunk driving. Theft.

Running seems fairly rational.

I ran six miles on the treadmill tonight before dinner with the parents, and although it wasn't the most pleasurable thing I've done, I got it out of the way, and felt about 48 times better afterward.

I lifted weights after the run, which felt great, but I'm sure I'll regret it tomorrow when I can't drive for inability to push down the clutch in my car. And hopefully I won't be needing my thighs at all. Not that I would need them...

I'm definitely going to fall short of 100 miles this month, which completely bums me out, but it's only February. There are plenty of months left. And I'm stupid enough to keep going.