My running pal Mike, in Milwaukee, finished his first marathon two weekend's ago. I was there to see it happen. He did great. And our whole, giant crew, we were so proud of him. Mike's sort of a father figure to us in the local dailymile world. "Father" makes him sound older than he really is, but he's a good guy to us crazy running kids. I think we're all proud to have him around rooting us on. We root him on right back. He recently wrote a recap of his race, and it was so reminiscent of my own first marathon. Made me cringe, actually. Oh, I remember the pain. I remember the wall. Hell, I still hit the wall. EVERY TIME. But I remember him crossing the finish line. That pride that spread across his face (alongside the pain) is something all marathoners can relate to. He thanked each of us, his "flock," in his post, and what he wrote about me humbled me. Immensely:

Krista makes everything look so easy, but that's selling her short. I know she trains hard and puts a lot into it. I love looking at her dailymile posts and seeing how she runs double-digit miles often and has fun doing it. I see Krista more in the virtual world (dailymile, twitter, facebook), but whenever I see her, she's quick with the biggest smile you'll ever see. Krista, you're a great inspiration and I'm glad to know you.

I'm so happy to be a runner. And so happy to know Mike. And so happy for everyone I've come across in our wild running journeys.