Hopefully not on the naughty list.

So, Christmas is here in three days. It's my absolute most favorite time of year, without a doubt. However, with all of the fucking snow, my family'll be lucky to make it to one spot long enough to enjoy it.  I know I was all, Wheee! Snow! So pretty! Don't be a snow-hating Scrooge! But you know what? I'm a snow-hating Scrooge. Although, that's not entirely true. It's still pretty. But this negative temperature shit has got to stop. 

I can't run. I can't get the mail without freezing a lung. I can't go to the grocery store without first contemplating the life and death situation that would arise if my car died and I got stranded on the side of the road.

The snow I can marginally deal with. But this unnatural cold has got to stop. 

So anyway, back to Christmas. 

Rob and I celebrated yesterday, and had a wonderful day. We even went to church in the morning.

(Insert long, confused stare here).

I know. 

It was only slightly uncomfortable when everyone around me began reciting prayers of which I knew none of the words, and when I went ahead and accepted the sacrament even though I'm not Catholic, and apparently there are rules. 

Can't take me anywhere.

But the rest of the day was lovely. Inaugural Bug Christmas a success.

Now I'm just antsy to get home before the snow and spend the next three days drowning myself in family and love and home-cooked meals. Just a week and a half left of this year. The longest year ever. The year I will not miss, not at all. 

Next year, 2009, better promise big things. Great things. Or I'm going to be pissed. 

'Til then, I'll be thankful for the good things I do have: my family, my boyfriend, my furchildren and my health. 

Happy holidays to you and yours! Travel safely. And when you open a gift you absolutely did not want, pretend you did.