Hope you read my status!

I am very much guilty of utilizing every social networking tool possible to keep in touch with every single person I know. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, DailyMile, LinkedIn, etc., etc., etc.

I am not a phone-talker. I am an e-mailer, though. And a blogger. A texter. And a big fan of mind-reading. Like, I hope people can read mine.

But is there a time and a place for Internet communication?

An example, a friend is moving to Chicago. I learned via text message when he sent one that said something along the lines of, "So, are we not talking anymore now that I'm moving to Chicago?"

Uh. No? That was the first I'd heard of him actually moving to Chicago. I told him so.

His reply: "Oh, well I just assumed you read my Facebook status."

Uhhh. F'real? So, I got, like, the hand-me-down notice? A text about the Facebook status that I should have read in order to learn the latest about his life.

Oh, kids and their darned Internets.