Date, indeed. There were still a couple hours of daylight left when he called, so we drove out to an area state park and enjoyed the weather. Climbed some watch towers, told stories. He knows I'm afraid of deer and butterflies. He laughed.

That's one thing we're great at already - laughing. Which is awful. God. I hate laughing. So miserable...

(I'm lying)

He actually agreed to watch "Twilight." And not only did he watch it, he enjoyed it. When it was over, we talked about it. A real conversation, like grown-ups, dissecting the phenomenon of the movie. I even said something more than, "But did you see Edward? Wasn't he sexy?"

I'm making progress in life.

So, we have absolutely nothing in common (lying again), and he's hideous (right) and a complete low-life (hardly). So, I foresee this going absolutely nowhere.

Until then - that nowhere part - I'm going to enjoy every bit.