Highly inappropriate, but wildly hilarious.

And since when have I been highly appropriate, anyway?

I found this little nugget from Dooce, my favorite blogger ever:

"My mother knew this day had been coming so she sat me down and explained in refined euphemisms how a blow job worked and I didn’t believe her. No way would anyone ever put someone’s Wee Waw into their mouth. And the whole term “blow” just made me even more confused. In college I had a roommate who took an anatomy class and on the day they dissected a human penis she came home in tears. She had never before seen a penis, and frankly, neither had I, so when she described it to me we held each other, cried and promised WE‘D NEVER STICK ONE OF THOSE THINGS IN OUR MOUTH, NO WAY IN HECK."

Read the entire post from the Once-Mormon here, and laugh out loud. And remind yourself that you're going Straight To Hell for reading about sexual perversions.

I also apologize for my lack of worthy posts. My exciting life has fallen into disrepair since the whole, you know, incident. I try to keep a low profile. I promise to be back in full swing Monday, with a whole weekend's worth of criminal activity.

Just kidding, Officer.