High class.

Team In Training, and Nike, in general, did not skimp on taking care of us this past weekend. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society put Team Wisconsin in Hotel Monaco, which turned out to be, probably, the sweetest hotel I've ever been in.


As I checked in, I observed the room rate, which was $220 a night, and quickly realized why we needed to raise $3,800, if we were going to both benefit the society and pay our expenses.


We walked in the lobby to find full concierge service, plush velvet chairs and couches, chandeliers, elegant stairwells, fireplaces and complimentary wine. Delicious wine, by the way, that we enjoyed nightly.


The concierge hailed cabs, carried luggage, greeted and bid farewell as we came and went. When we wanted a dinner of hot wings and bloody marys, we were handed the information we needed.


I felt mildly like royalty. And totally underdressed for the occasion. But it was nice to be treated like royalty for a weekend.

Our room was incredible, Courtney and I shared one. Comfortable beds, huge pillows, a bay window. We could even have a goldfish delivered to our room, if we so desired. A goldfish. In a bowl. I did not desire this, seeing as though goldfish are about as desirable as, well, nothing. So, no. No goldfish for us.


We were within walking distance of Union Square (read: shopping), Fisherman's Wharf, and pretty much anywhere we wanted to go. Team In Training provided a shopping shuttle that shipped us around San Francisco, through all the good shopping districts, of which my checking account is still recovering.


I would go back and live in that hotel, if I could. You know, minus the part where I have a life to live. Here. I was laying in my bed Monday morning, with no where to be, no need to get up, and realized, holy shit, I'm in San Francisco. I just ran a marathon. I've got a new Tiffany necklace around my neck and suitcase full of money well-spent.

That, people, was the life.