Hiatus? No way!

Three people have come to me today, in e-mail, of course, because that's just how I communicate, to find out if I've gone on hiatus from the blogging world. Much to your pleasure, or dismay, depending on your take, I am not. A vacation from blogging and spilling hundreds of useless words into the World Wide Web? NEVER!

I've just been a bit busy. And having no Internet on the home front takes away many of my blogging abilities.

But I'm still here! Still boring! Still spending weekend after weekend on the beach! And running! I'm even running - can you stand it!? If you're in desperate need of my thoughts on current events, here is a quick rundown:

The Brewers got spanked by the Cubs, boo hiss. It's OK, though, because Ryan Braun is still better than you. I've accepted Brett Favre back into my heart now that he's back in Green Bay. Until he gets traded. Vodka tonics are delicious, humidity is bad for my hair, bills should pay themselves, Chicken has again taken up puking up her meals, I didn't drive my car for four entire days, saved five cents at the grocery store by utilizing my own cloth bag, I am neat, and I'm following a Hal Higdon training plan, once again, for my marathon training.

Phew. The end. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave a message at the beep.