Hi, my name is Krista. And I like books.

I never really belonged to any clubs as a child. Sure, there was student senate, sports teams, that one time Beth and I changed our names to Turtle and Kitty and called ourselves Tree Friends, but never an organized club. I'm very obsessive-compulsive and also slightly neurotic structured, and feel a club is only a club if it contains the word "club." I was very envious of The Babysitters Club as a child. I would've rather shown up to school naked than actually babysit because I was afraid of kids, but those Babysitters Club girls were awesome.

But suddenly I've found myself a part of two clubs. Book clubs. And that is sort of like belonging to Heaven, where clouds are made of Nerds and God is actually Santa Clause and every day is Christmas because I love books. And Christmas and Nerds, but that is all beside the point.

Some of the ladies on The Knot maintain a book club that meets on the first Monday of every month. Of course, I missed it last night because I suck, but I'm all over it on Nov. 5. The book this month is The Giver by Lois Lowry and I've never heard of it in my entire life, but I will read it. Because I am in a club.

And because I need my level of dork-hood to escalate a few more points, I also instigated another book club with two of my book-loving girl friends. This one we'll maintain on a super-secret blog, and no I won't tell you what it is because then I will have to kill you, etc. We'll be reading, uh, The Cinderella Pact? Also never heard of that one, but I do what I'm told. Because it's a club.

So if I ever finish the book I'm currently reading, and decide that reading is much more educational than watching marathons of Law & Order, perhaps I will get around to reading these.

In the meantime, please recommend some good reading. Or tell me your favorite color. Whatever. I'm easy.