Hi! It's me!

Yes, that video of Michael Jackson was totally a hoax. I know. But still. IT LOOKED SO REAL. Sigh. In other news of the non-hoax variety, I ran my TENTH half marathon over the weekend. It went good. At first I was all, "WTF, I wanted to run FASTER." But then realized my time, up until this past May, WAS my fastest, so I STFU a little. Put on my Big Girl Panties, etc. It was a good course, but I started out WAY too fast. Way. So by mile 11 I totally ran out of gas and bombed the last two miles, which were very, very long, by the way. Loooong. Longest two miles ever. And so I came across the finish line in 1:51. The end.

ALSO, don't tell anyone, but I totally watched "Twilight" two nights in a row this week. I KNOW. But you guuuuuys, I can't help it! Edward's all, "I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore," and I'm all, "I KNOW! ME NEITHER!"

And then last night I started re-reading the books in preparation for the new movie in November...

Shut up. Don't judge.

Also last night a stray cat happened upon my window and started freaking the hell out when he saw Chicken. Chicken's minding her own business on my floor, INSIDE my apartment where she belongs, and Tom Cat outside's all, "ROOOOOOOOAR, HISSSSSSS, BOOOOOOOO, SNAAAAAARL!" I swear to God. This cat just started freaking out and clawing at my screen.

So then Chicken starts freaking the hell out, so Harley starts freaking the hell out, and the next thing I know I've got three cats going balls to the wall at each other through a screen. Screaming, hissing, claws.


Seriously. It was kinda freaky, not gonna lie. I shut the window after that in hopes that the stray gets a clue. That thing was on drugs. And angry. Such an angry kitty...

And that's all my news for this morning. I'm just sitting here staring at the clock, waiting for it to be Friday.