Hi, I'm selfish. How are you?

I read SO MANY BLOGS. So many. It's ridiculous. It has consumed my life, and takes a good chunk of time out of my day to catch up on ALL OF YOUR LIVES. You guys are busy people.

If the blogs aren't in my WordPress blog surfer, they're on my Google Reader. In some way, shape or form, I stay connected to lots of strangers.

However, it is very rare that I actually leave a comment. I've decided that is rude.

I love comments, I do. Every time I see a new comment on my blog, I squee a little in my pants. IT'S SO EXCITING. (Please note that this is a hint). Yet, here I am, reading blog after blog after blog (yes, hi, I AM paying attention!), but I never comment.

So here is my pledge, people, to start commenting more often. So when you see me popping up on your blog, do not be alarmed. Just spreading the love...

And please take this as your cue to say hi to me right now. I'll wait. No, really. Comment. NOW. I know you're out there, all lurk-y lurk. You can't hide forever.