Help me right now.

Things I do not know, that need answers immediately:

If The Wedding is on Aug. 11, and we send out our invitations in early June, by what date should we request that guests RSVP?

Do wedding invitation RSVPs get mailed back to the future bride and groom, or the parents (who are "presenting the wedding," according to the invites)?

Is it needless to send Save-the-Date cards?

If the color of my wedding is persimmon (think red. And orange), with wildflowers, etc., will anyone care of the wording on my invitations is black?

Do I care if you care? (That answer is no).

If The Wedding is at 3 p.m., and we have to leave the chapel by 4 p.m., followed by two stops for wedding party photographs, and a 13-minute drive to the reception, what time should the reception begin?

If Billy is riding a train west, toward California, going 92-miles-per-hour, and Susan is driving her car south for spring break, and her car breaks down in Tennessee, where she's stalled for four hours, what is the temperature in Minnesota?