"Hello, lover!"

Please, right now, think of your absolute, most favorite show on earth. Got it?

Now imagine watching it on the big screen for two-and-a-half glorious hours. Because that is what I did last night.

I am completely, 100 percent satisfied with the turnout of Sex and the City. It was perfection. They didn't blow it at all, and instead, it was just like watching five fantastic episodes back to back, which I have been known to do, thankyouverymuch.

The movie picked up about five years after where the series ended, and it didn't skip a beat. There was the perfect combination of hilarious, endearing, raunchy and fantastic. And, without giving away the ending, it ended perfectly. Wrapped everything up and tied it with a pretty, pink bow.


And now let's talk about the movie-goers. OK, I get it, it was Sex and the City. And had I not come straight from work, I may have considered dressing in something other than jeans and Teva flip-flops, but really? A limo? You took a limo to the movie theater?

I have never seen so many women stuffed into ill-fitting dresses, trying desperately (and unsuccessfully) to walk in stilettos and pumps, in my life. Here is what I have to say about high heels: wear them! They're hot! (Generally). But if you're going to wear them, LEARN HOW TO WALK.

Because walking around in an uncomfortably snug cocktail dress like an injured flamingo kind of kills what you might have had going for you.

I'm just saying.

So, back to the movie.

I will say that if you didn't absolutely love the show, and watch it, in full, repeatedly, on DVD, you are probably not going to love the movie. So keep that in mind. I just happen to be special.

But if you did love the series, and often dreamed of waking up to be just like Carrie when you grew up, go see it right now.